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In today's changing economic climate, individuals, families, and businesses need stability and sophisticated products that can deliver proven results when financial security is a concern. Experience with regulatory compliance standards must also be evaluated and this is where our expertise is essential. Our commitment to long term administration for the life of the policies allows for annual review of plans, carrier products, and funding opportunities, and was new to the insurance industry and it has become FICC's standard for our client's prosperity. All of our employees go to extraordinary lengths for each and every client. We are very proud that for over twenty five years, FICC has continued to service our customers with innovative solutions to secure their financial security.

FICC is the preeminent leader in sophisticated life insurance programs. For over a quarter century, FICC has been in the business of custom designing non-qualified deferred compensation plans. We have gained national recognition in the fields of employment benefits and executive compensation plans for our sound and highly successful designs. Our executive compensation plans exceed the near and long term goals of directors, enhance the benefits and the security of plan participants and strengthen the financial performance of financial institutions, businesses, and individuals. At FICC, we have the experience and the ingenuity to design programs to accomplish your financial goals and overcome challenging obstacles. Our techniques have set the industry standard for excellence and successful innovation.

Innovative Leadership… Creative Solutions

Our innovations have become the standard used in the financial institution industry and these advantages are now available to all our clients and partners.

Designed the first ever single premuim life insurance policies to be sold to a financial institution (now called BOLI)

Responded to accerlerated consolidation in the industry by incorporating change of control provisions in the legal agreements allowing for maximum benefit security to plan participants.

Developed phantom conversion plans for mutual institutions so as to decrease or eliminate stock conversion undertaken exclusively for benefit purposes.

Utilized our unique secular trust arrangements that not only increased benefits payable to the plan participlants, but also provided more flexibility and control over the amount and timing of the benefit payments to the plan participants.

Constructed phantom option plans to provide rewards based on the financial institution's performance on a non-dilutive basis.

Established plan administration guidelines involving the annual or semi-annual monitoring of the plan's assumptions.

Created hedging techniques for BOLI which virtually guarantees yields in excess of the financial institutions cost of funds.

Developed procedures for determining the plan's actual impact on the financial institution's income statement.