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"The key (to the FICC programs) is that we can reward the people who have helped the company grow and prosper - and we can do so without cost to the institution.  The FICC plan has helped us retain people, and it recently helped us recruit a senior officer."

John Keach, Sr.
Home Federal Savings Bank
Columbus, Indiana


FICC offers turnkey services for the design, administration and informal funding of nonqualified plans. Each plan is customized to suit the needs of the individual financial institution. We work in close collaboration with our clients to design an appropriate plan, draw up legal documents and trust agreements, and establish plan administration and informal plan funding.

You can learn more about our process of plan development in the How We Work section.

We typically offer three types of plans:

Supplemental Plan

Supplemental plans enhance existing retirement income as tax regulations and contribution limitations on qualified plans discriminate against highly compensated employees. These plans allow you to choose the participants and set a benefit level for each individual.

Deferral Plan

Deferral plans allow participants to defer a portion of their bonus, salary or fees. The plan is similar to a 401k, except there are no tax restrictions.

Incentive-Driven Plan

Incentive-driven plans allow our clients to reward employees based on performance criteria such as profitability and value of the institution. This plan is intended to increase employee motivation and productivity, while enhancing overall economic efficiency.

There are many products on the market today for consideration by financial institutions. FICC eases the selection process by conducting regular reviews and bringing forth those programs which could be most profitable and advantageous for our clients. That’s part of the personal approach we strive for on every account.

In addition to our plan offerings, we can create custom solutions for:

  • Acquisition Strategies

    • Unique packages intended to attract potential merger partners.

  • Ownership/Management Succession

    • Buy/sell agreements, shareholder agreements and other vehicles support achievement of corporate objectives.

  • Shareholder Benefit Plans

    • Participant benefits can be tied to program net income.

  • Change in Control Retirement Benefit Protection

    • Promised retirement benefits are protected even when control of an institution is transferred.

  • Marketing through Banks

    • FICC, in partnership with your institution, can develop compensation plans for your commercial customers. This allows you to provide a valuable service to your customers, while also providing a new source of non-interest income for the bank.

  • Specialized Services

    • Packages available for Sub-Chapter S Corporations, de novo institutions and small asset institutions.